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Though he’s lived through potholes and speedbumps, Sam keeps every part of himself clean. Sam Sedan has many special features too. When he’s drivin’ the streets and scopin’ out the sky above, his eyes roll around. He’s always looking up and out for the friendly birds who live above his house. Safety tested and recommended for children ages 3 and over.::Sam has been retired and will not be manufactured again.

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Categories Play Vehicles SCX Slot Cars Toys & Games Vehicle Playsets

Kovap Czech Tin Toys are high-quality, heirloom tin toys of classic designs. Kovap makes incredible tin toys ? the quality and design are best compared only to collectible antiques. The Tatras are replicas of two models of the famous Czech automobile. An icon of modernist design, the Tatra T87 was the first streamlined car ever produced (1937). Its successor, the Tatra 603, was a favorite of party officials during the postwar communist years. These adorable windup tin versions of the Tatras are made of printed heavy gauge tin with solid clockwork movement and a bump bar that prevents them from falling off a table?s edge. Each Tatra is 4? L x 2? W x 2? H and packaged in a box with original retro graphics. Wind up the Tatra with the key, set it down and it rumbles around delightfully with a sweet, distinct buzzing sound!

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Contains one vehicle, 8 puzzle track pieces and accessories. Tracks snap together in endless combinations as shown along the bottom. Box measures 9 x 12 as shown. Vehicle comes with battery. Vehicle types (car, train, plane, SUV, Bus, etc…) and track colors vary, but all resemble what you see.

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