The MegaStealth 2 takes the thrills and excitement of radio-control flight to a new dimension. The sleek aerodynamic shape easily makes the MegaStealth the most recognizable aircraft in the world today. The advanced design of this large, 48 wingspan model provides maximum maneuverability for incredible flying fun. Easily assembled in minutes without tools or glue, the MegaStealth is capable of flight speeds over 60 MPH, yet is suited to both new and advanced flyers. Easily hand launched, the MegaStealth flies for up to 10 minutes before safely landing on any flat surface. A quiet, powerful Mabuchi electric motor drives the MegaStealth’s propeller through a precision gearbox unit, while variable speed and flight control functions are directed by the Pro-style transmitter. The advanced R/C system provides solid control of the model at distances up to 1/2 mile away! features Unique Computer Elevator/Elevon Mixing for Directional Control Removable Top Hatch Gives Easy Access to all Electronics Easy Access Battery Door Makes Recharging Battery a Simple Operation Clean, Quiet Electric Power Fail Safe Unit automatically puts plane into neutral during loss of radio signal for slow, spiral decent Specifications: Length : 21 inches Wingspan: 48 inches Weight: 21 Oz. Functions: Aileron/Elevator & Variable Speed Charge Time: 30 minutes

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Following on the heels of our most successful electric plane (Air Strike), Megatech is proud to introduce its first truly ready-to-fly, nitro-powered aircraft. The 61″ wingspan Nitro AirStrike is an all-wooden trainer made from only the highest quality balsa and plywood. The aircraft is ready for flight in 15 minutes without the use of any tools! With the Nitro AirStrikes large wing area and lightweight design, it has a wing loading of only 17.92 oz/sq ft. The extremely low wing- loading makes this design a truly outstanding trainer. The aircraft includes a pre-installed Airtronics VG400 4-channel radio system and our proven M-46 ball bearing engine, which provides enough high-end power for the intermediate flyer while still having the reliability beginners need for low-throttle flight. With the low wing-loading and fl at bottom airfoil your new R/C model airplane customers will love the gentle fl ight characteristics and ease of landing offered by Nitro AirStrike. features Unique Simple 7 System: Install 7 Wing nuts and you’re ready to fly in 15 minutes! No tools required Super Stable Flight Characteristics High Quality all Wood Construction Super Lightweight Wing Loading High Perfromance 1.4HP output M46 Recommended Age: 18+ Specifications Length : 47 in. Wingspan: 62 inches Weight: 5 lbs, 5 oz. Engine: M-46 engine Requires: 15 percent nitro methane content glow fuel ( containing not less than 16 percent total lubricant)

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NASCAR racing excitement at your fingertips Take control of Kevin Harvick’s GM Goodwrench car Full-function remote control NASCAR graphics For ages 5 yrs. and up Batteries Required (Sold Separately): 3 AA, Manufacturer: Excalibur

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Radio Remote Control Airplane Battery Power Easy to master, giving you new feel. Electric R/C comes with 99% pre-assembled. Ready to fly right out of the box Create Perfect Life of Amusement with this Advanced New Concept Radio Remote Control Airplane!!!

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Excellent Maneuvering Performance:Approx Operating Time 30 Minutes:Operating Passenger Included:Factory Assembled – READY TO RUN:2-Speed System :Turret Movement Sideways, Up and Down:Light-Up Warning System:Pre-Painted Camouflage Body:Scale 1:16::Package Includes::Remote Controller :7.2v Rochargeable RC Battery :Battery Charger Adapter (110V) :One Bag Of Plastic BB’s Bullits

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Brand: Remote Controlled::Full Function Remote Controlled:Forward, Up and Down, Left and Right.:Flies over 30M High:Revolutionary Co-Axial Rotor Technology:7.2v Rechargeable Battery:Altitude & Rotor Speed Control:Real Helicopter Performance:Flight Stabilizing System::Super Lightweight Airframe:Charges In Just Minutes:Up to 10 minute flight times:Flight Range 60ft(20M):Dimension: L16″” W7″” H7.75″”:Factory Assembled Ready To Fly::Package Includes::Instruction Manual:Remote Controller (8 AA Batteries Not Included):7.2v Rechargeable RC Battery:Battery Charger Adapter (110V)$39.95 Value

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3-D Micro-Sized Dragonfly King R/C Digital Proportion Helicopter SMALLEST REMOTE CONTROL HELICOPTER ON THE MARKET!The Dragonfly King RC helicopter can move Up, Down, Left & Right. The RC Helicopter features Proportional Control, Altitude & Rotor Speed Control, Flight Stabilizing System, Lightweight Airframe, and Launch Pad Charging Station. This Dragonfly King RC Helicopter comes with Everything you need to get this baby in the air! Brake for Easy Landing & radio remote controller included! The Dragonfly King helicopter can flies over 60 feet high. It’s time for you to soar in the sky with this great helicopter! This R/C Helicopter comes with everything you need to fly – a complete package.

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Model Number :3808 This R/C Battle Tank type-90, is a fully painted and assembled replica of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s Type 90 Main Battle Tank. This R/C Battle Tank is a high quality, ready to run, 1/24 scale radio controlled tank that you can run straight out of the box. The fully painted and assembled replica of the Leopard 2 Battle Tank features full function radio control movement including turret rotation and gun elevation. No construction is needed apart from small detailing of parts, which adds to the realism of the model. The amazing thing about these tanks is that they shoot airsoft-type 6mm plastic BB pellets using self-generated compressed air…….and they pack quite a punch too! The Battle Tank can hit a target up to 75′ away with good accuracy. Great fun whether you are running one for target practice or fighting it out with friends. The Battle Tank can fire while on the move or stationary and can hold up to 40 BB’s in the turret. The turret is able to turn just short of a complete circle or 320 The barrel has a 20 degree tilt up and down. Independent suspension and duel speed (via a boost button) allow it to overcome most terrain s minor obstacles with high gripping caterpillar action. Its rubber belt-type tracks can even climb a 35 slope with ease. Comes with commander figures and other parts for super-detailing. This is an excellent model of the real thing and looks good both on the move or on display. The rechargeable battery is included and offers a 60 minute run time on a single charge! All necessary equipment including a rechargeable battery, charger, stickers, BBs, 9-volt battery and R/C transmitter is included. Dimensions: (LxWxH) 15in x 5in x 5in


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Full Function Remote Controlled Forward, Up and Down, Left and Right. Flies over 30M High Revolutionary Co-Axial Rotor Technology Rechargeable Battery Altitude & Rotor Speed Control Real Helicopter Performance Flight Stabilizing System Super Lightweight Airframe Charges In Just Minutes Up to 10 minute flight times Flight Range 60ft(20M) Dimension: L16″ W7″ H7″ Factory Assembled Ready To Fly

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That is no log floating at the edge of the water! With textured “skin” and glowing eyes don’t turn your back on this guy. Powerful four wheel drive, moves him over the water, then even faster on land! These high-performance radio control amphibious creatures can go anywhere- dirt, pond or pool. Features sturdy 4×4 turf digging tires for land and wake forming paddle wheel treads for ripping through the water. Powerful full-function controller makes explorations on any surface just a touch away. Requires 2 AAA batteries for the controller and 3 AA batteries for the vehicle, which are not included.

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